Monday, October 11, 2010


Over the past weekend American Hero Hugs held Christmas Card Signing events at two different Walmarts in Kansas. We were not asking for money but did accept donations when offered. We provided the cards and pens for people to sign. We are very thankful to all who were so generous with both donations and their time. We would like to say we got 100% participation but sadly, we got as many rejections as we did people willing to write a message to a soldier. We had our kids with us so it was even more frustrating to get so many rejections. Trying to explain to kids ages 5-14 why people would reject the idea of signing a card of thanks to a soldier, is a pretty impossible task when you don't understand it yourself. Despite that, it was a great experience for us and for our children. We are thankful for the opportunity to participate and for the experience our kids had learning empathy and gratitude for our soldiers and their families, not just from the people who rejected the idea but by the many people who participated and expressed their gratitude. We can never be thankful enough for our HEROES. We were able to get 200 Christmas Cards signed by multiple people on each card and collected $205 in donations to help pay for shipping. The cards and donations will go to Warrant Officer Wives Club and their Christmas Cards For Soldiers and will be shipped to our soldiers in Afghanistan

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